Protocols for the 2019 Members' Forum

Protocols for the 2019 Members' Forum

Follow these protocols for a smooth experience with this Zoom webinar

Through this Forum we would like to gather what’s important to you as a Member, discuss how we can better communicate with you and capture any ideas you may have about future Members' Forums.

We are hosting this as a Zoom (audio/video) webinar format. Zoom webinars are relatively new and exciting technology for The Wilderness Society that enables us to reach out to more members. We expect it to go smoothly, but please bear with us if we have any technical issues. 

Below are the protocols we have put in place to facilitate the session.

  • Please join the Members’ Forum on time – TIP: if you have not joined a Zoom meeting before, please begin your login process 15 minutes prior to the start of the Forum (8:00pm AEDT) to allow for system set up. The meeting will close at 9.30 pm.
  • You will need to be logged in to Zoom to join the meeting online. It is possible to dial in to Zoom via telephone (mobile or landline), however, please note that that the Zoom technology limits the participation of phone-only attendees to listening.
  • To minimise disruptions - please put phones/devices on silent.
  • The meeting is hosted by a panel of The Wilderness Society Ltd Board and supported by a small team of facilitators.
  • Follow the lead of the hosts in the discussion and engage respectfully.
  • We expect up to 60 Wilderness Society Members to attend. If you wish to speak, indicate to the facilitator (by ‘raising your hand’ in Zoom) and you will be added to the speakers list.
  • After raising a hand, members can contribute ideas, feedback and questions via the Zoom Q&A function. When inviting a Member to speak, the panellists will begin by reading out the feedback or questions for the meeting.
  • One person at a time will be invited to speak - facilitators will enable mute/unmute for attendees. We don't have the option to show your video when speaking.
  • There will be a number of screens visible on the Webinar. We recommend using the Speaker View, which will show you the current, primary speaker with other screens minimised. 
  • The facilitators may promote people up the speaking list, if they have not yet had the opportunity to speak.
  • Be present. Listen to others, try to not repeat what has already been said and respect everyone’s input. Be aware of and allow for different perspectives, knowledge and experience.
  • If you need to leave the meeting early, no problems, just leave quietly. You can use the ‘Leave meeting’ option at the bottom of the screen. There is not need to notify the facilitators.

Above image: Martin Stringer