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Helena and Aurora Range - a jewel in the Great Western Woodlands

18 June, 2015
The Helena Aurora Range is a jewel in the Great Western Woodlands. But this ancient range - one of WA's most significant biodiversity assets - is under imminent threat of being destroyed forever.

Queensland's Wild Rivers

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Great news for one Wild River, but others still threatenedThe Wenlock River, one of Cape York Peninsula's most beautiful and intact wild rivers, has been earmarked for ongoing protection. Alarmingly, the Wenlock, as well as the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve which the Wenlock flows past, were on the cusp of being turned into a large bauxite mine.

The Kimberley

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The Kimberley's natural beauty is the backdrop for a vibrant community that has cherished it for generations. As Australians, it's our responsibility to protect this special place from destruction at the hands of short-sighted developments and poor management.

Perth - Let's Make the Park Happen!

Saw Avenue Lawn South, Kings Park.

November 2017 Forest Tour (Toolangi)

355 King Street, West Melbourne VIC 3003

October 2017 Forest Tour (Warburton)

355 King Street, West Melbourne VIC 3003

Helena Aurora Ranges (Bungalbin) Spring Camping Trip—Sept 2017

Helena Aurora Range, 100km north of Southern Cross in the Great Western Woodlands, WA. We'll be departing from and returning to Perth.