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Annual General Meeting 2016

The Wilderness Society Ltd

The Wilderness Society Ltd held their Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Thursday, 24 November 2016 at Suite 201, Level 2, 46 Kippax Street, Surry Hills NSW. Formal reports were delivered by our Directors and Officers. The meeting was convened and facilitated from Sydney phone link to our local campaign organising centres around the country at the below meeting locations.
All Wilderness Society members were invited to attend.
IMAGE: Door-knocking | James ThomasIMAGE: James Thomas

Meeting papers

Update on Governance changes

In November 2015, The Wilderness Society changed its Constitution and, in March 2016, was registered as a Public Company Limited by Guarantee. The new Constitution, which is available on our Governance, Structure and Funding page, brings changes in relation to the election of our Board and holding of an annual Members’ Forum. 

Election of Directors

The Wilderness Society Ltd Board of Directors will now be elected by direct ballot in a process leading up to our Annual General Meeting. The nomination and election process is designed to ensure that elected Directors come from at least four of the following six regions: Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales; Queensland; Northern Territory and South Australia; Tasmania; Victoria; and Western Australia.
The new election process for Directors will start in 2017. The current year is transitional and the number of continuing Directors, elected in 2015 and appointed through the Constitution, will not fall below the required seven elected Directors. The continuing Directors are Linda Selvey, Peter Follett, Stuart Baird, Craig Zanker, Coral Robinson, Leanne Craze, Michelle Prior and Melissa McQuillan. 

Requirement for a Members’ Forum

The Board may call a meeting of a Members’ Forum as and when it determines and must call a forum at least annually, to provide a process and opportunity for Wilderness Society Group organisations and other interested Members to provide guidance and advice to the Directors on achieving our strategic plan.
The Board has begun the process of scoping the 2017 Members’ Forum, and looks forward to fruitful discussions and the opportunity to further engage with you, our Members, in the work of The Wilderness Society.

Meeting locations

The meeting was convened and facilitated from Suite 201, Level 2, 46 Kippax Street, Surry Hills and held simultaneously via phone link in Hobart, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and Newcastle locations as follows.





6:30pm AEDT registration for a 7:00pm start

The Wilderness Society,
130 Davey St, Hobart 


6:30pm AEDT registration for a 7:00pm start

The Wilderness Society,

353-355 King St, West Melbourne


6:00pm ACDT registration for a 6:30pm start

The Wilderness Society,

7/118 King William St, Adelaide 


3:30pm AWST registration for a 4:00pm start 

The Wilderness Society,

City West Lotteries House,

2 Delhi St, West Perth


5:30pm AEST registration for a 6:00pm start 

The Wilderness Society,

67 Boundary St, West End


6:30pm AEDT registration for a 7:00pm start 

The Wilderness Society,

21 Gordon Avenue, Hamilton

State AGMs

State and local organisations also held their own AGMs: