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Buru Energy AGM – Shareholders Offered a Chemical Cocktail

29 April, 2016
Outside Buru Energy's AGM in Perth, on 28 April, 2016, a diverse and colourful collective of over 50 climate change angels, knitting nannas, bilbies and many more called on major investor

White House takes a bigger role in Deepwater Horizon oil spill clean up

28 April, 2016
‘Resources from the United States Navy were marshalled to supplement an operation that already consisted of more than 1,000 people and scores of vessels and aircraft.’

‘BP profit doubles’ as Deepwater Horizon spill worsens

27 April, 2016
‘Europe's second-largest oil company said Tuesday that first-quarter profit more than doubled from a year earlier to $6.1 billion.’

New oil-rig safety rules eyed before blast

22 April, 2016
"I would hope it would serve as another wake-up call on this issue that there is no such thing as safe oil drilling."