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Another victory for the Tasmanian Forest Agreement



The Tasmanian Forest Agreement (TFA) claimed another victory yesterday as Tasmania’s parliament passed the Initial Reserve Order*, another welcome sign of progress for Tasmania’s environment, industry and community. This is particularly significant as support within Parliament for the Agreement grew, with a Legislative Councillor who previously voted against the TFA Act supporting this mechanism and thereby backing the process.

This win reinforces the value of the collaborative approach demonstrated by the TFA and builds momentum behind the Agreement.

World Heritage - under threat?

Despite this remarkable progress, Tony Abbott and his environment spokesperson, Greg Hunt, are set on revoking the World Heritage protection that currently covers some of Tasmania’s most loved forests.

Industry, unions, and environmentalists support the World Heritage Area as a central part of the Tasmanian Forest Agreement; an Agreement that ends the 30-year forestry conflict, protects jobs, and protects the world-class forests Australians love.

In addition to acting against the wishes of so many, disrespecting the protection of Tasmania’s forests create a slippery slope to opening up our other World Heritage icons - such as the Barrier Reef, Kakadu, the Blue Mountains and the Franklin River - to destructive and damaging activities.

We have never stripped back World Heritage – it is a travesty to start with Tasmanian forests, especially after there is widespread agreement that their protection is a crucial step forward.

Take action

It’s election time, and that means you can have a big impact. We want to ask you to take a moment and send a personalised email message from your own inbox or better yet, pick up the phone and get Greg Hunt’s attention.  By emailing or calling Hunt, or your local Liberal member we can demand they respect World Heritage.  

Call or email

(02) 6277 2276 or

Tell Hunt that:

  • Protecting these wild forests means a new future for Tasmania.
  • This World Heritage protection supports Tasmanian jobs – in the timber industry, in tourism, and in regional Tasmania
  • Unions, industry and environmentalists all support this World Heritage protection.
  • Stripping back a World Heritage area such as Tasmania’s wild forests is a dangerous precedent for our other iconic World Heritage sites – such as the Great Barrier Reef, Kakadu, the Daintree and the Franklin River.


Write your own tweet to @GregHuntMP or use one suggested below.

Don’t threaten our World Heritage @GregHuntMP - protecting Tassie’s #forests means securing a better future for Tasmania.
World Heritage = jobs for Tasmania. Don’t let @GregHuntMP sell our future and our forests short!
.@GregHuntMP wants to revoke Tassie’s World Heritage protection. What’s next? The Barrier Reef, Daintree, or Franklin?
@GregHuntMP is ignoring the industry members who want to better their future, and see Tassie’s #forests protected as World Heritage.

Thank you.

Together we can ensure that Tasmania's forests will stay standing for generations to come.

(*The Reserve Order is the mechanism that sets off the gazettal process on 395,000 of the 500,000 ha of agreed reserves, to turn them into new National Parks and reserves under Tasmania's Nature Conservation Act. The first 100,000 ha includes places like the Weld, Styx and Upper Florentine Valleys - already recognised for their outstanding global values and inscribed on the World Heritage list. It also sets a further 300,000 ha on the reserve making process, and releases funding to continue the restructure of the logging industry and support for workers through significant change being driven by the broader challenges in the native forest logging industry. The full 500,000 ha of agreed reserves are protected from logging in a legal moratorium.)