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Australia. The deforestation nation.


When concerned Australians like you first helped us blow the lid off deforestation, nobody knew how deep the problem went. What we found shocked us.

We knew the situation was bad—but throughout Australia, things are even worse than we imagined.


Alongside Queensland, our investigation has revealed that deforestation is also skyrocketing in NT, NSW and WA. This demolition of forest and bushland is happening out of sight—mostly for urban development, mining or large-scale agricultural projects. Australia is fast becoming a deforestation nation. 

Our research has uncovered an explosion of planned deforestation across NT that would wipe out tens of thousands of hectares of untouched forest and savannah—a tenfold increase in just a few years. Recently, the WA Government released a report revealing that basic mining alone has disturbed an area of land larger than Hong Kong. After a recent state law change, department insiders are terrified NSW will be next.


Wildlife are the silent victims of deforestation.

By the time these helpless creatures—koalas, greater bilbies, masked owls and ghost bats—see the bulldozers coming, dragging a colossal chain between them, it's too late. Even giant, old growth trees can be wrenched from the earth—their roots dangling in the air—before they’re smashed to the ground.

After they’re bulldozed, these trees—some with hollows, perfect for nesting animals—are shoved into piles to rot. Later, they will be burnt.


Any animals that happen to be in these trees at the time are often left with horrific crush injuries from the fall. Those that are lucky enough to avoid being caught up in the carnage  are suddenly faced with other threats: homelessness, exposure to predators, starvation.

Threatened species can lose hectares of their habitat this way, and any regrowth is often controlled with toxic chemicals or repeated bulldozing.

You can step in and stop this.

Now, more than ever, we need your help to keep Australians informed about the hidden destruction happening in our backyard and continue the push for strong, national laws to stop deforestation in its tracks.

Together, we can stop Australia becoming a deforestation nation.