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The Australian gas shortage is fake. Here’s what’s really going on.

  • New University of Melbourne report reveals gas supply shortage “very unlikely”.
  • Researchers confirm no need for new gas exploration or infrastructure.
  • Renewable infrastructure is now cheaper and faster to build than gas.

Read the Gas Report

The Gas Report

The price of gas is rising, putting financial strain on Australian homes and businesses. A new report by University of Melbourne shows that, contrary to some industry claims, these price increases are not connected to a looming supply shortage.

In fact, the industry’s own numbers reveal there is no shortage.

So what’s really driving up the price of gas?

Australia has more gas than ever. But we’re also exporting much more of it. We’ll soon pass Qatar as the world leader in liquid natural gas exports. Simply put: the high price our gas fetches overseas determines the price we pay here at home.

Right now, Japan pays less for Australian gas than Australians do. 

How has Big Gas benefited from this “shortage”?

Let’s be clear. Some of our most naturally fertile farmland and important wildlife areas are earmarked for risky gas expansion. Nothing softens public opposition to destructive projects like an energy crisis—even if it’s manufactured.

In its latest budget, the Federal Government has actually pledged money to help the gas industry expand into these fragile environments.

What are we doing about it?

Gas prides itself on being a transition fuel—a bridge between fossil fuels and renewables. But the potency of leaked methane as a greenhouse gas is well-documented.

There’s good news in this report. Renewable energy with storage is now cheaper and faster to roll out than new gas infrastructure... and with none of the climate change impacts.

So we’re calling on Australians to treat the gas giants with the suspicion they deserve. We’re campaigning to bypass gas expansion in favour of a swift transition to clean, safe, affordable renewable energy.