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Beekeepers for World Heritage


In June, the World Heritage Committee will consider the Abbott Government’s request to de-list 74,000ha of Tasmania’s newly added World Heritage forests.

These forests include old growth rainforests full of beautiful flowering leatherwood trees. The leatherwood tree is essential to the Island State's unique food industries and brand. Tasmania is the only source of leatherwood honey on Earth. In fact, not only does the Leatherwood tree contribute to 70% of Tasmania’s honey, but it is so rich in pollen that it’s been known to drip off of the flowers!
If we log the leatherwood, we are irreparably damaging not only Tasmania’s environment, but also its industries. With these forests now threatened by the Abbott Government’s actions, Tasmanian beekeepers, Bob Davey and Hedley Hoskinson, have teamed up with award-winning nature filmmaker Mark Pearce and the Wilderness Society to tell their story.
Click here to watch their breathtaking story of what Tasmania’s forests mean to them and their ultimate quest to save them from destruction. 
The World Heritage listed forests does more than protect some trees, it gives security to Tassie industry and produces heaps of delicious honey, too. 
Find out more about what we can all do to help protect our World Heritage forests - use our guide to help you contact your pollie and get them on side.