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Call the Chief Minister to stop fracking in the Northern Territory!


The Territory Government is making critical decisions right now on whether to allow fracking in the NT. If the government allows fracking, there will be huge impacts on water, local communities and carbon emissions.

Give Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner’s office a call and let him know you want the NT Government to ban dangerous fracking for good.


  1. Make the call. The number is (08) 8936 5500. A friendly staffer will pick up the phone.
  2. Tell the staff in the Chief Minister’s office who you are, where you live, and that you want the NT Government to ban fracking for good—be respectful :)

P.S. If the staff ask you what state you're calling from, be honest (of course!) and mention that, as an Australian, you're concerned about the effects of fracking on the climate and the environment—issues that affect us all.

What should I say?

Whatever you want (nicely!). You might want to make these points:

  • If Australia is going to do its fair share to meet the Paris climate change agreement—and achieve a safe climate for future generations—fracking cannot be allowed to go ahead in the NT.
  • Allowing fracking could produce emissions up to 20% of Australia’s total.
  • There are high risks of impacts of water pollution from production and abandoned fracking wells. These risks are just too great.