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Deforestation is killing our koalas


Australia is one of the worst developed countries in the world for broadscale land clearing and deforestation. In fact, we’ve cleared nearly half of our forest cover in the last 200 years!


Australia is in the middle of a deforestation crisis. Millions of native animals are being killed by reckless deforestation—including koalas.

To find out more about the situation on the ground, we met with koala carer Vanda Grabowski in Queensland. Vanda says, "Occasionally you find the body of a koala in the fallen timber. It’s just so distressing.”

Koala numbers are in free fall across the country. In fact, in Vanda’s home state of Queensland, almost half the population has been wiped out in the last 20 years. 

In Queensland alone, an area the size of the MCG is cleared every three minutes. That’s 850,000 hectares in the last three years.

New South Wales and Western Australia, the next worst offenders, are quickly heading in the same direction as Queensland, with deforestation on the rise.

We're determined to end deforestation and excessive land clearing in Australia. The immediate solution to this crisis is stronger laws at the state and national level. With an election looming, NOW is the time to push for change in Queensland, which currently has the worst levels of clearing in the country.


We need your support to put a halt to this irresponsible destruction of wildlife habitat. Please make a donation to help save the koalas. Your donation enables us to:

  • Expose the worst clearing and the government’s failure to step in, as we did recently by exposing the unapproved deforestation at Olive Vale station and pressuring Federal Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg to act. There is a huge amount of research and field work that goes into exposing just one case like this. With your support, we can make sure the truth keeps coming out.
  • Pressure decision-makers, such as federal and state politicians, through community events, MP visits and advocacy.
  • Build community support by training volunteers to organise local community campaigns against deforestation in Queensland, NSW and WA; hosting community forums; and collecting stories of people on the frontline—like Vanda.
  • Get our drones out to remote areas to document the worst clearing and provide that footage to media and decision-makers.
  • Form alliances in Queensland, NSW and WA with wildlife carers and other environment groups, big and small, to fight for stronger state deforestation laws. 

Together, we can step in to tackle the crisis head-on, and seize this critical opportunity.