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Endangered Leadbeater's possum under immediate threat from logging


The Sylvia Creek area in the Central Highlands is one of few areas of forest that were not badly damaged during Victoria’s black Saturday bushfires in 2009.

Now, this refuge for endangered animals such as the Leadbeater’s possum is being clearfelled to make photocopy paper.

“It’s a disgraceful waste when we could be using plantation timber to supply all the paper we need,” said the Wilderness Society forest campaigner Luke Chamberlain.

Beginning last week, VicForests has begun logging the Sylvia Creek forest despite admitting that the area contains trees more than a century old.

Over 100 locals residents, along with our campaigners and volunteers, have been in the forest throughout the week forcing VicForests to stop work and conduct new surveys into the forest’s environmental values.

The local community is up in arms that this precious habitat and favourite family spot is being destroyed. The trees from Sylvia Creek are to be woodchipped and sold to Australian Paper to make products like Reflex paper.

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