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Let's keep WA frack-free


IMAGE: Windjana Gorge National Park, Kimberley, Western Australia | Glenn Walker

Vote for a frack-free WA

This policy scorecard, published by The Wilderness Society, has been endorsed by a coalition of environment and community groups across WA.

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Unconventional gas fracking poses one of the greatest threats to the future of Western Australia—risking our precious water, productive farm lands, the places we love and our clean energy future. 

Right now, this dangerous industry is looking to open up the Kimberley with plans for up to 40,000 gas wells, and further plans for other fracking fields to be opened up throughout our state—from the fertile foodbowl of the midwest to our south-west forests.
The good news is that we have an opportunity to stop it. With an upcoming state election in March, our politicians are listening to the voices of their communities and deciding where they stand on key issues like gas fracking and a clean energy future. Victoria has banned this dangerous industry—and we can encourage our leaders to follow this example if we act now. 
That’s why we’re getting organised and talking to as many people as possible to raise awareness about this dangerous industry and the risks it poses, and the opportunity we have to secure a clean energy future. But we need people who care, like you, to make it happen. 

Volunteer with us today and be part of a growing Movement For Life.

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This election, we have an opportunity to create real and positive change for WA. But we can’t do it without you—don’t miss out on this opportunity to become a force for nature.