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45 years to replant a forest

1 March, 2018
Stan and Magda have spent 45 years planting trees to restore their property, west of Grafton in Northern NSW, from historic deforestation. 

Riding for the Great Forest

15 February, 2018
Written by Carmel Killin—Community Organiser and Communications Volunteer.

Australia. The deforestation nation.

9 February, 2018
When concerned Australians like you first helped us blow the lid off deforestation, nobody knew how deep the problem went. What we found shocked us.

BREAKING NEWS: Chevron joins BP in withdrawing from risky drilling in the Great Australian Bight

13 October, 2017
Fantastic news. Last night, U.S. oil giant Chevron withdrew its plans to drill for oil in the pristine marine wilderness of the Great Australian Bight.