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Movement For Life in 2017


Since launching our Movement For Life organising program in April 2016, we’ve had nearly 400 volunteer leaders join our movement and complete our two-day program across the country, with 110 trained here in Sydney. Many training graduates are now working in their communities to grow the movement and make a real difference for nature.

Regional teams

We’ve set up five regional organising teams to bring together training graduates in a coordinated way, to put into practice your skills to campaign for change in your local community and beyond. If you are not yet in a team you can join an existing team—Illawarra, Western Sydney/Blue Mountains, Eastern suburbs, Inner West and North Sydney—or talk to us about setting up a new team in your area. Next team to be set up is in Sutherland and St Georges river—please get in touch if you are keen to be involved!

Growing the movement

Our teams have been out having hundred of conversations with people in the community about protecting nature; including stopping land clearing, protecting the Great Australian Bight, harnessing the power of nature to help with climate change, and transforming the way Australian Governments plan and deal with environmental issues.
We have bold ambitions and plans for the future. To be able to successfully make the case for significant change, protect our natural world and get real action on climate change, we need a vibrant, strong, coordinated movement of people who can demand real environmental change from our decision-makers.
Teams have been hosting stalls, film screenings, trainings, ‘meet your MP’ workshops and campaign events, as well as attending rallies and having conversations. This is all designed to reach new people—inviting them to be involved, learn new skills and make a difference. If you have an idea about how your team would like to build your local community, we can support you! Contact Lauren and Teryn at

Volunteer leaders are at the centre of our campaigns

In the same model as our first campaigns night this year, we want to involve you as much as possible in the higher-level strategy of our campaigns and organising plans here in NSW. Your ideas, feedback and passion make our movement stronger!
We want to give you the opportunity to provide your ideas and feedback, learn more about campaign strategy and planning, create localised plans that work for your team and your community, and continue an open conversation about integrating The Wilderness Society’s long-term campaigns and our local organising work together in a way that makes sense and builds our movement for the future.
We look forward to continuing this conversation with you!