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The New NSW Land Clearing Regime


Call our Premier

The Government is about to unleash a new set of laws that will spell disaster for our wildlife. They will mean that:

  • Endangered ecosystems, core koala habitat, important grasslands and wildlife corridors can be bulldozed with little or no oversight from the government or ecologists.
  • Developers will be able to clear important habitat as long as they protect some other land, or pay money into a fund. Money can’t compensate for the destruction of nature.
  • Soil erosion and salinity will go unchecked as the new laws don’t adequately consider the impact that tree clearing has on the health of soils and farmland.
  • Tree clearing fuels climate change by releasing carbon pollution into our atmosphere. Carbon pollution will increase under these new laws as more trees are bulldozed.

Our Premier is our elected leader and is there to act on our behalf. There are people, just like you, calling our Premier all across NSW—so you’re not alone. Together, you’ll make a significant impact on our new Premier.

Here are some key points to help you make a call to our Premier:

  • Premier Berejiklian’s office number is (02) 8574 5000. Her staff member will answer—let them know that you would like to leave a message for the Premier. The staff will be very polite and are used to taking calls from people just like you.
  • Let them know that you’re a NSW resident and calling because you are concerned with the government’s new laws which will increase tree clearing across NSW.
  • Ask that your concern be expressed to the Premier and that she listens to your opinion and makes sure that the tree clearing laws provide much stronger protection for wildlife and ecosystems.
  • Be clear that you want the Premier to intervene and make sure that all threatened ecosystems are off limits to tree clearing, and that a loophole which will allow for the clearing of koala habitat is closed immediately.
  • Ask that the Premier get back to you to make sure that she has fully heard your concerns and that she will implement the concerns raised.
  • You may like to talk about why you are concerned about the new laws—have you observed the loss of wildlife or trees in your community and don’t want any more losses? Are you worried that future generations won’t be able to experience NSW wildlife like you have? Have you worked on a farm and witnessed the impact of unchecked tree clearing?

Why are strong tree clearing laws important?

FOR OUR WILDLIFE: Habitat loss from tree clearing is a key reason many plants and animals are being pushed to the brink of extinction in NSW. Strong laws which protect important wildlife habitat and ecosystems are vital.

FOR THREATENED SPECIES: One hundred species of plants and animals have already become extinct in NSW, and another 1,000 are on the extinction waiting list—including 60 per cent of all our native mammals. An increase in tree clearing will make this worse.

FOR OUR CLIMATE: Trees absorb massive amounts of C02 and store it as wood. When they are cut down, they stop performing that vital capture-and-storage function. Clearing also releases huge volumes of carbon pollution when dead trees rot or are burned.

FOR SUSTAINABLE FARMING: Tree clearing is an unsustainable farming practice that threatens our water and soils and undermines the long-term productivity of our land. This practice has turned whole regions of NSW into treeless paddocks full of feral animals and weeds, degraded by overgrazing, erosion and salinity. This will only get worse under the new laws.

What more can I do?

Write to Environment Minister Gabrielle Upton to express your concerns about the new legislation. Minister Upton's postal address is:

The Hon. Gabrielle Upton MP
GPO Box 5341