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Oil and Gas…. At What Cost?


Although the oil spill from the West Atlas rig was plugged on 3 November, impacts of Australia’s worst rig oil spill remain:

  • DEVASATING: Millions of litres of toxic oil continue to contaminate the marine life living below and above the surface of the oil spill, which covered more than 50,000 square kms of tropical seas. 
  • UNFINISHED: The Australian Maritime Safety Authority continues to monitor and clean up oil.
  • COSTLY: The taxpayer is left with the cost of a federal Commission of Inquiry and five other government departmental audits and reviews into various aspects of the oil spill.
  • A REALITY CHECK: Clearly world’s best technology in oil and gas cannot prevent accidents.

The Wilderness Society is calling on the Federal Government to declare a moratorium on further approvals and expansion of the oil and gas industry in the North West marine region until plans to establish marine sanctuaries are finalised and implemented.  Take action on the oil spill!