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Protecting Tasmania's forests worth over $750 million: Climate Protection report


Did you know that protecting Tasmania’s forests may be worth more than $750 million in carbon pollution abatement? Read the report to find out more.

"While Australia needs to end our reliance on coal, oil and gas, we also need to reduce our emissions in other ways, such as protecting our forests and woodlands." Vica Bayley, Tasmanian Campaign Manager, The Wilderness Society. 

The Wilderness Society has released a report by respected carbon analyst Dr. Barrie May, of TreeMod consulting, that estimates protecting Tasmania’s forests may be worth more than $750 million in carbon pollution abatement.

Some of the main points in the report are:

  • the key impediment to generating carbon income from Tasmania's forests is the lack of an agreed Federal Government “methodology” to calculate how much carbon abatement can be achieved by protecting native forests from logging.
  • One scenario in the report assesses the opportunities in 350,000 hectares of high conservation value forests that were agreed for protection under the 2012 Tasmanian Forest Agreement, but are now to be made available for logging after 2020 after a decision to repeal protection by the Tasmanian Liberal Government.
  • These ‘Future Potential Production Forests’ may contain as much as 12.9 million tonnes CO2e or $83 million.
  • Permanently ending logging in the 'Future Potential Production Forests' could earn Tasmania more than $80 million. 
Given these forest sit languishing in limbo as unallocated crown land, selling the carbon in these forests would boost Tasmania’s brand and bottom line, delivering substantial income required to manage and protect high conservation values.
"In order to unlock this potential income for Tasmania, the Federal Government needs to develop measurement rules to calculate the carbon in native forests.

Reportedly, the New South Wales Government is asking Federal Government to develop a methodology to measure emissions abatement from ending logging. The Tasmanian Government should follow suit,” says Wilderness Society National Forest Campaigner, Warrick Jordan.
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