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The State of the Environment Report


Every five years, the Federal Government releases a document called the State of the Environment Report. This is put together by an independent team of experts and provides an overview of the state of the environment in Australia. The Wilderness Society doesn’t always agree with their analysis, however, the report is very comprehensive and the data they use is important for our work. This time, the lead authors identified the same problems for the environment as we have—the current system is failing and we need a new system.

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Key findings and what it means for us

Here’s the key points that show the lead authors have identified, in line with our position, that the current system is failing and we need a new system to deal with environmental decision making and planning in Australia. 

They state in the Executive Summary that we need: 
  1. National leadership
  2. An overarching national policy that establishes a clear vision for the protection and sustainable management of Australia’s environment to the year 2050
  3. Integrated policies and adaptive management actions that address drivers of environmental change and the associated pressures
  4. Resources for environmental management and restoration
These priorities mirror our call for new laws and institutions and demonstrate how effective our advocacy has been so far. This is a great boost to our campaign for new laws to have this evidence behind us. 

Volunteer for nature

We now need to continue to build community momentum behind the calls for reform. If you are interested in working with us to build an effective movement, sign up to volunteer today