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Top five ways to #savethesenate


1. Join our Thunderclap- mass social media action to help spread the message that together we can #savethesenate!

What is thunderclap? Instead of simply sharing a post on facebook or twitter, thunderclap collects your pledge to 'share', posting all shares at a single strategic time to create a collective wave of social media.

We’re asking you to do Australia a favour by joining our social media thunderclap  #savethesenate . This message will be sent out loud and clear with a huge collective impact across social media networks at 5pm on the eve on the election.

2. Vote below the line this Saturday - here's why

3. Send a message to your local MP and senate candidate, letting them know what issues are vote changers for you this election:

4. Have a look at this election scorecard from the Conservation Council of WA to help inform how you vote:

CCWA environment scorecard

5. Not from WA? No problem. Share this page with your friends and family in WA.