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Watch: The Last Wild River (1977)


The Last Wild River—shot in 1977—documents Paul Smith and Bob Brown's trip down the wild Franklin River in Tasmania. The film was one of the first ‘shots’ in the battle to save the river from damming. 

In the early years of the campaign, Bob Brown showed The Last Wild River whenever he spoke to groups of people about the Franklin. As a result, many people were inspired to see the river for themselves, embracing the adventure of the journey and the lure of wilderness.
The Tasmanian Wilderness Society actively encouraged people to experience the Franklin. Maps, rafts and other equipment were on sale at The Wilderness Society's retail outlet in the Hobart CBD.
Ultimately, the movement that led to the dam's cancellation became one of the most significant and successful environmental campaigns in Australian history.

It's all thanks to you

As we reflect on the past 40 years spent protecting Australia's wild places, we want to thank you for standing with us. Without your support, none of our greatest conservation success stories—Franklin River, James Price Point, Ningaloo Reef—would ever have been possible. 

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