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We took on Tasmania’s largest company. And won.


After a 14-year battle, permits were allowed to expire today on Gunns Pulp Mill.

The announcement will bring relief to many in the Tamar Valley and across Tasmania, who have faced years of uncertainty over the future of their native forests, environment and community.

“This campaign was about protecting clean air, coastal waters, iconic forests, local amenity and due process in Tasmania,” said Wilderness Society Campaigns Director Vica Bayley.

The mill had a similar toxic effect on state politics, with the government willing to pervert proper process to promote corporate profits.

“Tasmanians want to move on from the pulp mill and what it represents. There is much to be learnt from its demise,” adds Bayley.

It’s a well-deserved win for all those who took part in the campaign. And a huge endorsement for people-powered movements everywhere.