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Victoria's native forests - logged for paper pulp

Australian Paper are logging our forests and sending the Fairy Possum to extinction to create cheap office paper.

Victoria’s beautiful native forests are being logged at an alarming rate.

Every day, eight MCGs worth of trees are logged, with 92% ending up as pulp for paper. Australian Paper, the manufacturer of Reflex paper, is the main user of wood from our native forests.

The main focus of this rampant destruction is in the spectacular Central Highlands, just a stone’s throw to the north-east of Melbourne. The forests of the Central Highlands are also home to some pretty amazing wildlife, some of which is found nowhere else on the planet.

Victoria’s animal emblem, the Fairy Possum lives in the tallest Mountain Ash trees in the Central Highlands. But due to sustained logging, this shy animal is now facing extinction.

Weighing less than a block of chocolate and small enough to fit in your hand, this defenseless marsupial could vanish within our lifetime unless we stop logging its forest home.

Australian Paper there is a better way.

Send an email to Australian Paper CEO, Kunihiko Kashima, to let him know that his company needs to shift out of native forests and into plantations and recycled fibre.