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The magnificent forests of Victoria and Tasmania are among the oldest and tallest in the world, and we are running groundbreaking campaigns to make sure they get the protection they desperately need.
These forests include the tallest flowering trees on Earth, dense rainforests, irreplaceable old growth forests, as well as diverse woodlands and intact wild valleys. 
They are wildlife sanctuaries for beloved and endangered animals such as Leadbeater’s Possums and Tasmanian Devils. These animals are unique to Australia, and continued destruction of our important forests will push them to certain extinction. 
We’ve lost too much ancient forest already. Continuing down this path will only damage more irreplaceable forests and fail more local communities.
There is a better way to do business, and together with our supporters, we’re finding real and realisable outcomes for forest protection.   
The logging industry has a future only if it isn’t destroying our important forests. The Wilderness Society’s vision for real forest protection means that regional communities can protect their backyards, grow tourism and recreation jobs, and have a timber industry that the whole community can be proud of.
We’ve done this with the groundbreaking Tasmanian Forest Agreement, which has delivered World Heritage protection for some of Tasmania’s most loved and iconic forests, and will ultimately see the protection of half a million hectares of forests over the next two years. And we’re doing it in Victoria, where our Ethical Paper campaign is turning consumers into campaigners for real forest protection.
It’s time for change. Together, we will protect our forests and transform the logging industry. There is a better way of doing business - one that protects our forests and gives Australian communities the future they deserve.
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What you can do

  • Support the creation of the Great Forest National Park - a proposed park just 90 minutes north-east of Melbourne. This park will will add 355,000 hectares of protected forests to the existing 170,000 hectares of parks and protected areas in the Central Highlands of Victoria. It will help protect endangered forests and wildlife including the near-extinction Fairy (Leadbeater's) Possum. 
  • Sign and share our Ethical Paper pledge today to stop Reflex turning our irreplaceable native forests into office copy paper. Donate to the Wilderness Society today and be a part of something incredible for Australia.
  • Volunteer with the Wilderness Society.
  • Find out what's happening in your community.