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Nature in Danger

Australia’s much-loved natural environment and wildlife defines this great country. Yet, our irreplaceable nature is facing an unprecedented attack from a series of growing threats.
Vital conservation laws that were designed to protect what we love most about the outdoors are being ripped up and unwound in states across the nation. We’re being told by some governments and big business that we can only have one or the other – a healthy economy or a healthy natural world. 
We don’t accept this ultimatum. 
The Nature in Danger campaign will focus its efforts on preserving the unique ecological values of Australia and preventing the further rollback of environmental regulation. At the same time, we’ll be pushing for improved laws to shore up our most treasured places and wildlife for generations to come.
This means protecting high-conservation areas from destruction, such as:
  • Tasmania’s Tarkine – the largest temperate rainforest in the Southern Hemisphere
  • Cape York Peninsula – extraordinary World Heritage value landscapes and wildlife
  • The Great Western Woodlands – the largest unfragmented woodland left on Earth
  • Kimberley coast protection - the most stunning intact tropical coastline left on our planet
It also means taking action against rollbacks currently being planned by governments across Australia. Like the dismantling of Wild Rivers legislation in Queensland – a vital law that protects pristine river systems from destructive industries like mining, the plan to reopen marine sanctuaries in New South Wales – the national parks of our oceans – to fishing, and the relaxing of land clearing laws in Queensland which could put up to 2 million hectares of native bush and countless species of native wildlife at risk.
We’re calling on all Australians who love the outdoors, whether it be camping, fishing, surfing, bushwalking or simply respecting nature in its own right, to rally together and help us campaign for improved laws and better management to protect our special places.
It’s time that we all stood up and put a stop to the destructive actions that are driving wildlife towards extinction, fragmenting intact bushland, and ruining our precious marine areas – and the Wilderness Society is proud to be the leading voice behind this nation-wide action.

What you can do

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