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Prime Minister, protect the Bight from oil drilling

Last year, community opposition forced BP to back out of plans to drill in the pristine seas of the Great Australian Bight. Now, U.S. oil giant Chevron is also pulling out. 

The tireless work and bravery of Australian communities standing up to Big Oil is paying off. But there is one more Big Oil giant that needs to go. Norwegian oil giant, Statoil, took over two of BP’s cast-off leases earlier this year.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull needs to step in and rescind ALL oil and gas exploration leases in the pristine Bight, and protect this pristine marine wilderness.

Linda Irwin, the Kangaroo Island local (pictured below), knows what’s at risk better than most. If a spill were to occur in the Bight, Kangaroo Island’s coastline would be covered in oil. Sign the petition and join the groundswell against Big Oil.

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