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Protect nature

IMAGE: Kangaroo Island could be impacted by an oil spill in the Great Australian Bight | Dreamstime
Australia’s natural wonders, and the wildlife that call these magnificent places home, define this great country. The glorious beaches that we visit every summer, our resplendent outback vistas, and Tasmania’s awe-inspiring forests—and that’s just to name a few!

Yet, these places are under unprecedented threats. Conservation laws designed specifically to protect nature are being unwound, both on the state and national level. Some governments and big business often try to give us an ultimatum—a healthy economy or a healthy natural world. 
The Nature Campaign aims to protect wilderness and nature across Australia by creating protected areas and strong, nationally consistent laws and institutions.
IMAGE: Toolangi State Forest, Central Highlands, Victoria | The Wilderness Society Victoria collection

What we're doing about it

Together, with the Places You Love Alliance, we’re going to create a comprehensive suite of effective, nationally consistent laws with all levels of government signing up to protect nature.
We’re running a series of campaigns to protect some of Australia’s most incredible places.
  • Deforestation is Australia’s hidden environmental crisis. In the last few years, destruction of forests and bushland across Australia (driven largely by Queensland) has escalated out of control. Eastern Australia is now considered among the world’s worst deforestation fronts, alongside the Amazon, the Congo and Borneo. This is having a devastating impact on our forest and bush, our wildlife, our climate, our soils, and the Great Barrier Reef. That’s why we’re fighting for Zero Deforestation.
  • The Kimberley in Western Australia is high on many Australian’s bucket lists of places to visit. But it's under threat. We want to make sure this stunning landscape remains an ecotourism hotspot, by creating land and sea protected areas, preventing industrial threats and securing a World Heritage listing.
  • The Tarkine in Tasmania is Australia's largest remaining tract of cool temperate rainforest. Despite providing crucial habitat for many of Tassie's iconic and threatened species, due to a lack of formal protection, these precious forests are at risk from logging and mining. We’re preventing degrading and industrial threats, and working towards securing a World Heritage listing.
  • IMAGE: Tarkine Wilderness Area | Rob Blakers
    Tasmania’s forests deserve protection. We're working to create protected areas and regulatory mechanisms to keep these forests safe. 
  • The Great Western Woodlands is the largest unfragmented woodland left on earth. It is vast, beautiful and unprotected. We're working to prevent industrial threats and create protected areas to keep it intact.
  • Victoria’s forests are still under threat. We're helping them by supporting the Great Forest National Park and other protected areas, reforming the industry and improving forest management.

National alliances

We've formed powerful, national alliances with like-minded organisations.

Great Australian Bight Alliance
The Wilderness Society is a founding member of the Alliance. Alongside Traditional Owners and organisations like Sea Shepherd, we're working to protect southern Australia's spectacular Great Australian Bight from the threat of Big Oil. 

Oil spill modelling commissioned by The Wilderness Society clearly demonstrates that an oil spill in the wild waters of the Bight would devastate marine life, fisheries, coastal communities and seriously tarnish the clean, pristine image of Australia’s Southern Ocean and beaches.

Places You Love
Places You Love is the biggest ever alliance of environment groups, representing over 40 groups and 1.5 million members and supporters. The Wilderness Society has taken a leading role in the alliance, dedicating one of our National Campaigners, Glen Klatovsky, to the project full-time.  

Glen has spent the last year working with the Australian Panel of Experts in Environmental Law, reviewing Australia’s current laws and raising key questions that will kick-off the national nature conversation. The aim is to put forth a new generations of nature laws that will protect the places we love—now and into the future.

Climate Action Network Australia (CANA) is a diverse network with distributed leadership that links people and organisations working toward a shared vision. The network supports the setting and achievement of shared goals and provides the underlying infrastructure that supports organisations to work together on addressing climate change. 

The Wilderness Society is an active and highly committed member of CANA.