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Tasmania's forests

IMAGE: Threatened forest in the Upper Florentine, Tasmania | Rob Blakers

Why it's important

IMAGE: Tasmanian Devil joey | Dan Fellow
Tasmania’s forests are some of the most magnificent forests in the world, incorporating dense rainforests, towering giants , irreplaceable old growth and the incredible wildlife that call these diverse woodlands and wild valleys home.
Swift Parrots and Tasmanian Devils – animals unique to Australia – rely on these forests, and continued destruction within them will push these creatures to certain extinction. 

The threat

Logging and mining are decimating Tassie's spectacular forests every day. We’ve lost too much ancient forest already. We know there is a better way to do business. Continuing down this path will only damage more irreplaceable forests and fail more local communities.
IMAGE: Threatened forest in the Weld Valley | Rob Blakers

IMAGE: Franklin River, Tasmania | Glenn Walker

What we’re doing about it 

The logging industry has a future only if it isn’t destroying our important forests. The Wilderness Society’s vision for real forest protection means that regional communities can protect their backyards, grow tourism and recreation jobs and have a timber industry of which the whole community can be proud.

How you can help

Become a volunteer! In 2016, we’re ramping up our volunteer program so we can get out into the community and start talking to people. If you’re passionate about our rivers and forests, sign up today.