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The Dozers Need to Stop!


After falling sharply from 2005, land clearing in Australia is once again rising dramatically thanks to the severe weakening of land clearing laws by state governments.

And the bulldozers aren’t just destroying Australia’s precious forests and woodlands – they’re also releasing millions of tonnes of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, exacerbating climate change.

Analysis from a new report shows that emissions from land clearing are skyrocketing, and if nothing is done, greenhouse gas emissions will spiral out of control. Please read our key findings from the report, Climate Change and Australia's Tree Clearing Crisis.

For more information please see the CO2 report and the technical report.

We’ve also just launched a petition asking Mr Turnbull to stop the dozers.

Please see our media release section for more information, or for media enquiries, contact Alex Tibbitts on or 0416 420 168.