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Hands Across The Sand: St Kilda

St Kilda Beach, Melbourne

Let's join together at beaches across Australia to celebrate our coasts and oceans and send a message to say no to risky and dirty deep sea drilling in the Great Australian Bight and yes to a clean energy future! Our climate is being pushed beyond its bounds—it's up to us to stand together and demonstrate that a safe and healthy environmental future is the only outcome we will settle for.

You can help us to create a symbolic barrier along the shore to call for the protection of the unique and pristine Great Australian Bight.

Events are being planned across Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, New South Wales and Tasmania!

Check out the Great Australian Bight Alliance Facebook page for the latest.

If you don't see an event near you, why not hold your own Hands Across the Sand event at your local beach or park? As they say, many hands makes light work!

Check out the how to guide we made for the Great Australian Bight Alliance, and don't forget to take photos on the day and use the hashtags:

#JoinHANDS #fightfortheBight #underwaterwilderness