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Meet Your MP Workshop

Conference Room @ City West Lotteries House, 2 Delhi St West Perth, WA 6005 Australia

Are you concerned about our threatened wild places, like the Kimberley and Great Western Woodlands? We are too!

But there is plenty we can do about it, and so many empowering ways we can work together to ensure a better, frack-free future and thriving natural environment with good management!

Right now is the perfect time to talk to our elected leaders and running candidates to tell them what we care about and get their support.


Come along and find out why this is a courageous and worthwhile action to take, hear from people who have done it before and the impact it's had, and build your confidence talking to your local politician. You'll likely even meet others in your local area who you can work with to make an even bigger impact.

By the end of the session, you'll be ready to book a meeting and create the momentum we need to protect the places we love!

All you need to do prior to the workshop is find out who your Local MP is and what electorate you live in. Don't forget to bring along a positive attitude—and, ideally, a neighbour or someone who lives in your electorate!