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Perth - Let's Make the Park Happen!

Hyde Park, corner of Glendower and William St.
Friends and supporters are invited to join us for a casual BBQ Picnic to celebrate the wonderful Helena Aurora Range.

Come along and show your support for the Range during the crucial moment. It is expected that the state government will make an announcement determining the future of the Range before the end of the year.

To show support for an alternative vision to mining we’ll be launching a new revamped Helena and Aurora Range National Park proposal. Let’s show the government and the community what a sustainable future for the Range and the region can look like.

We’d also love for you to come and share your wonderful stories and experiences of the range over a snag (vegetarian and vegan options available).

Location: Saw Avenue Lawn South, Kings Park. Easily accessed via May Drive or Saw Avenue - Click here for map.Parking: May Drive or Saw Avenue are available.Event time: 11 am to 1pm

Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this supportive celebration. Together we can preserve and conserve this unique wilderness area.

And please invite your families and friends, the more the merrier!

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