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Snap Rally: Restore Tree Clearing Laws in Queensland

Parliament House, George Street, Brisbane

Join us and our allies across the environment sector and the wider community for a snap rally outside Queensland Parliament in support of stronger tree clearing laws!

Now is the time to stand up! The Bill to restore stronger tree clearing laws in Queensland, and increase protection to Great Barrier Reef catchments, is expected to be debated and voted on on 17 August. 

Tree clearing in Queensland is out of control again, with almost 300,000ha of native woodlands destroyed each year. This is devastating for wildlife and habitats, makes drought and erosion worse, impacts directly on the Reef, and increases the impacts of climate change.

The vote is expected to go right down to the wire, requiring the support of all three independent MPs in order to pass. The independents have not yet confirmed which way they will vote. 

Please join us outside Queensland Parliament (Speakers' Corner) at 10am on Wednesday, 17 August to show your support and voice your backing of the Bill and urge all Queensland’s MPs to get behind the proposed laws.

Parliament needs to be reminded that the community wants stronger laws. This is one of those moments where you showing up could make all the difference.

For nature, the reef and the climate, we need your support! 


For further background to the campaign and other actions you can take, visit our campaign page

For more information, contact: or (07) 3846 1420.