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To the Steps of Parliament!

On Tuesday, 22 November, MPs from across Victoria will be meeting in Parliament House for a sitting week. At 6pm on this date, we will gather to demonstrate the growing support for the Great Forest National Park and collectively call for its creation. 

Over the last two years, we have held a number of these actions at Parliament with growing numbers each time and this has made an impact. It is critical that we demonstrate to our political leaders that the community is continuing to call for action on the Park and show that we have grown in number.

How big the next one will be depends on you coming and bringing friends. Let's make it massive!

Help us create a very positive and visual celebration of our forests. We will supply placards, banners and the ubiquitous animal suits!

Join us at 6pm for a group photo. This photo will reach and influence many people, including some key decision-makers. After the photo we will hand out flyers to the public at Parliament train station for half an hour. If you need to leave after the photo, you can pick up a bundle to distribute in your local area. 

Come stand in solidarity with us on the steps of Parliament!

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