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Fitzroy River Report

A new Fitzroy River study warns of the need for more information and better processes.

IMAGE: Geikie gorge – where Mardoowarra cuts through the 350 million-year-old Devonian Reef | Eve Chaloupka

A new report by Associate Professor Ryan Vogwill from the  University of Western Australia has highlighted concerns over the WA Government’s plans for large-scale water extraction from the Kimberley’s iconic Fitzroy River (Mardoowarra). The report was commissioned by the Wilderness Society in response to the government’s Water for Food program, which is promoting large-scale irrigated cropping projects across the Fitzroy River valley in coming years.
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Mardoowarra (Fitzroy River) was placed on Australia’s National Heritage list in 2011 due to its outstanding Indigenous cultural values. It is home to many rare, threatened and endemic species, including some 18 fish species that are found nowhere else. Mardoowarra truly is a Living River requiring careful protection. Development in the river system should only proceed based on detailed studies, wide consultation and fully informed Indigenous consent.
Fill in the form on this page to get the report.Fill in the form on this page to get the report.
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IMAGES: Mardoowarra | Magali McDuffie; Endangered Purple-crowned fairy wren | Hans and Judy Beste/Lochman Transparencies