Fund our work

Fund our work

Our work is funded by thousands of everyday Australians like you. Ready to be a member?

Australians are crying out for action on the environment. They want a sustainable vision, a future they can count on.

The Wilderness Society is powered by thousands of people just like you — who provide support through membership, donations, regular giving (donating every 4 weeks) and gifts in Wills.

Make a donation

Make a donation

Support the living world that makes your life possible by giving a regular amount or a one-off contribution. Every bit helps.

We’re building a movement to swap the destructive thinking of the past for the modern vision we need. One that’s better for all Australians — and for all life on Earth. Here's what we're doing to make that happen:

  • Frontline campaigning around the country
  • Political and media advocacy
  • Building a mass movement for change

People often ask us where their donations will go, and we're proud to show them. Here's how we spend our funds.

Become a Wilderness Defender

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When you opt to donate every four weeks, you automatically become a member of a special group we call our Wilderness Defenders. These members receive our twice-yearly magazine, gain access to local campaign centre staff and enjoy discounts on merchandise. As a member you'll play a massive role in guiding our success, from electing our Board of Directors, all the way down to sharing our videos on Facebook.

"As someone who has a deep love and appreciation for nature, I feel great knowing I can put my resources into an organisation that does have significant impact when I don't have time to be involved myself." - Kirstan Flannery, Wilderness Society Member

You make it happen

Contribute regularly or make a one-off donation to support the life that supports you.

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