Got a moment to make a difference?

Got a moment to make a difference?

Add your name to one of our current petitions!

Show our decision-makers that people like you care about what happens to Australia's environment. Adding a personalised message will make your signature even more powerful.

Help protect Martuwarra’s living flows

The WA government has just announced a critical policy to protect surface water flows from mighty Martuwarra. Together, we can help protect Martuwarra’s living flows for future generations. Will you send a message of support today?

Stop logging in the planned Great Koala National Park

The NSW Labor government promised, as part of its 2023 election campaign, to deliver the Great Koala National Park. Email NSW Environment Minister Penny Sharpe to push for these native forests in the proposed park area to be urgently protected from industrial logging and to establish the Great Koala National Park as quickly as possible.

Extinction is a choice

Some of the things that make Australia truly special are being put at risk because our national nature laws don’t work—and haven’t worked for decades. Australia is facing a wildlife extinction crisis.

Email the Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek MP today to let her know nature law reforms are urgently needed.

Governments and corporations need to be accountable to communities and nature

Communities need to have a genuine say on environmental decisions—and to be able to challenge the approval of destructive developments.

Add your name today to call for community rights in environmental decision-making.

Tell your MP: put communities and nature before corporations!

Image: Sam Rosewarne

The Wilderness Society’s new report shows Australia’s current system of environmental decision-making is not working for the environment or communities.

Will you add your name to a letter to your MP, asking them to read the report—and support reforms that put nature and communities before corporations?

Yes, I want new laws for nature!

Tens of thousands of Australians want strong national nature laws that end extinction and an independent watchdog to enforce them.

Are you one of them?

Yes! I want to protect the Bight for good.

The Great Australian Bight supports an abundance of life. It's a vital nursery for the protected southern right whale, home to endangered sea lions and more than 36 species of dolphins and whales. Together, we’ve forced three Big Oil companies—Equinor, BP and Chevron—to abandon their plans.

There is a groundswell of support to stop Big Oil and now it’s time to protect this marine wilderness for good. Are you in?

National parks aren’t for mining

Email Deputy Premier and Minister for Climate, Environment and Water Susan Close asking her to protect the new Munga-Thirri / Simpson Desert National Park from the fossil fuel industry.