Alone, we're powerful. Together, we're unbeatable. Ready to be part of something bigger?

How can one person make a difference? Getting together with thousands of other passionate people is a great place to start.

Feel empowered and hopeful with like-minded people in your area who are having a real impact—tackling local environmental concerns as well as national issues like climate change and biodiversity loss.

Be part of it!

Get involved, get inspired and share your values across your community—and the country.

Become a volunteer today and start making a real difference through MP engagement, community forums, event stalls, letter-writing workshops, engaging with local media, door-knocks, documentary screenings, tree plantings, clean up days and much more!

    Our volunteer community

    Our volunteer community

    Find your local community group of passionate volunteers powering change for nature.

    More ways to get involved

    If you'd like to volunteer your expertise at your local Wilderness Society campaign centre, please get in touch. We have around 150 staff working nationwide. If you're ready to turn your passion into a profession, see our list of available positions.

    "Local groups are a great way to connect with members of the community. It's nice to see there are people out there that do want to see change, just like the rest of us." - Aakash Bahuguna, volunteer

    Give time, make change

    Have a bigger impact when you volunteer with the Wilderness Society.

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