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Governance, structure and funding

IMAGE: Cliffs of the Great Australian Bight | Julian Robinson


The Wilderness Society is governed by a Board of Directors who are elected through a direct ballot of members and notified at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) each year. All members are entitled and encouraged to participate in the ballot and the AGM.
The Wilderness Society has a two person leadership team comprising a National Campaign Director (NCD) and Chief Operations Officer (COO), which report to The Wilderness Society Board. Learn more about our management team.
The Wilderness Society has offices in Hobart, Sydney and Melbourne through which it provides national campaigning and organising capacity and undertakes national fundraising, communication and operations on behalf of all Wilderness Society organisations.
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The Wilderness Society is a public company limited by guarantee, incorporated in Tasmania.

As one of Australia’s longest-standing conservation organisations, we’ve adapted and improved our structure and governance to meet a range of challenges over the last four decades.
The Wilderness Society is now a group of eight not-for-profit, non-government organisations working together on our purpose.
We have campaign and organising centres located across the country. Decisions that affect the environment occur virtually every day, so the more spread out we are, the more agile we can be to organise and go into bat for nature
Campaign centres are local incorporated associations and member organisations of The Wilderness Society. They are:
  • The Wilderness Society Newcastle Incorporated; 
  • The Wilderness Society (Queensland) Inc;
  • The Wilderness Society (South Australia) Inc;
  • The Wilderness Society (Sydney) Inc;
  • The Wilderness Society (Tasmania) Inc;
  • The Wilderness Society Victoria Inc; and
  • The Wilderness Society WA Inc.

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The majority of our funding is provided by members who, as wilderness defenders, support our work through membership and regular donations. Other funds come from public fundraising, bequests and donations, as well as online and retail sales of campaign merchandise.

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All members are members of The Wilderness Society. Many, including all who have joined since 2007, are also members of their local campaign centre.

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The Wilderness Society is an Income Tax Exempt Charity and a Deductible Gift Recipient. Donations to its public fund, the Wilderness Fund, are tax deductible.

The Wilderness Society
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