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Horizontal Falls marine life, now protected

Today, The Wilderness Society welcomes the creation of the new Lalang-garram Horizontal Falls Marine Park, representing a rejection of mining and the beginning of a future centred on tourism and conservation for one of the world’s great natural wonders.

The WA Government and the Dambimangari Traditional Owners have today signed up to create and jointly manage the new Lalang-Garram Horizontal Falls Marine Park—over 3,526km2 of ocean around one of the Kimberley’s most iconic landmarks.
In 2011, the Horizontal Falls were threatened with a copper mine. A grassroots campaign saw the mine rejected in favour of a both a National Park and a Marine Park, in collaboration and joint management with Dambimangari Traditional Owners. 
'Today is a day to celebrate the protection of the one of WA’s most iconic places; a place that David Attenborough called 'one of the greatest natural wonders of the world'', said Jenita Enevoldsen, State Director of The Wilderness Society WA.
The campaign to protect Horizontal Falls as a new marine park attracted unprecedented public support, with a record 19,000 submissions received during the public submission period calling for world-class protection for this global icon.  
The marine park has been well-designed to include new sanctuary zones over important and diverse habitats, including Turtle Reef, Walcott Inlet and around the Horizontal Falls themselves. These will help ensure that the Kimberley Coast remains the world’s last, pristine tropical coastline.
'It is a significant step towards the vision of a Great Kimberley Marine Park to protect the Kimberley Coast. Other sections of the Great Kimberley Marine Park that have already been created are at Camden Sound, Roebuck Bay and Eighty Mile Beach.  
'We look forward to welcoming the next key asset of the Great Kimberley Marine Park—the North Kimberley Marine Park—which will indeed create a lasting legacy for marine conservation in WA,' remarked Ms Enevoldsen.
Further comment
Contact Jenita Enevoldsen on 0405 941 500 for comment. 
  • The Lalang-garram Horizontal Falls Marine Park covers 3,526km2, with 24.3% in sanctuary zones.  
  • The Horizontal Falls were described by Sir David Attenborough as ‘one of the greatest natural wonders of the world’
  • The total area of new marine parks created so far in the Kimberley that contribute towards the Great Kimberley Marine Park is 12,939km2, with nearly 21% in sanctuary zones.
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