Kimberley Custodians trip FAQs

How will I be making an impact?

With you by our side on this week-long journey, we’ll learn why the Kimberley is so unique, explore stunning sites and meet passionate protectors. We hope you will join us in creating a better future for the Kimberley.

By taking part in this incredible adventure, you will be learning firsthand about what you can do, as an individual, to get active and support on-ground projects that help the Wilderness Society protect the nature and culture of the Kimberley.

By bringing your passion and talents on the trip and working together with us and other supporters after the trip, you'll help us to:

  1. Fight against unsustainable and unnecessary fracking, with local communities and Traditional Owners in the Kimberley
  2. Secure a series of world-class marine parks along the Kimberley coast
  3. Save threatened native animals, like snubfin dolphins, bilbies, sawfish and many more
  4. Advocate for action on climate change by keeping the largest onshore unconventional gas store the ‘Canning Basin’ intact
  5. Deliver a strong set of national laws to finally protect our precious nature and wildlife

Is the Kimberley Custodians Trip for me?

If you're keen to see the Kimberley through the eyes of the local leaders and Traditional Custodians who are dedicated to protecting this special place, the the answer is yes!

You don’t need to have any experience or preexisting knowledge of the region—just a passion and enthusiasm for protecting this wonderful place. You should be comfortable with camping and outdoor activities that require a low-level of fitness, such as snorkeling and bushwalking.

Once you have filled out an expression of interest, we will be in contact to confirm dates. Those wanting to help protect the Kimberley by bringing skills to the trip or becoming an advocate once they get home are more likely to be accepted.

How do I secure my place?

If you are interested in joining the trip, please express your interest now.

We will confirm your spot within a few days of applying. The deadline for applications is Sunday, 29 July, 2018.

If your application is successful, you will have one week to pay the full fee and book flights to secure your spot. Applicants who are keen to add value to the trip and support the campaign into the future will be successful.

What will we be doing?

See the draft itinerary below. During the week, we will be camping at three different sites. At each site, activities will be scheduled, including viewing dinosaur tracks at James Price Point, visiting fracking sites with Micklo Corpus, and storytelling and walking along the Mardoowarra (Fitzroy River). In each place, we will enjoy the company and generosity of local Traditional Custodians who will be sharing their stories and passing on their wisdom of the area.

We would love for you to think of creative ways you can capture what we do, see and hear to share among your community after the trip. We will all be contributing towards a short video of the trip, which can inspire our local communities to stand up for the Kimberley.

Most days have free time for you to explore, and you can also expect to spend a few hours driving in a convoy between camsites. Each day, we will also roster the group onto campsite responsibilities, such as setting up, cooking and cleaning. To ensure the trip runs smoothly, everyone is expected to jump in and help out.

How much does it cost and what does it include?

We have managed to keep the cost of this trip extremely low, to ensure that local community advocates can join us on this trip. Once dates and your spot have been confirmed, you will be sent payment details to secure your spot.

Estimates are just $2,500 for the trip plus return flights—and the quicker you book the flights, the cheaper they’ll be!

The cost of the trip includes:

  • 4WD transport to camp sites in the Kimberley
  • Car insurance
  • Three vegetarian meals per day (optional—you are welcome to cook and cater for yourself)
  • Camping in three different locations
  • All listed activities and tours

The cost of the trip does not include:

  • Return flights
  • Food and accommodation outside of scheduled trip
  • Personal expenses and insurances
  • Personal camping gear
  • Soft drinks or alcoholic beverages
  • Snack foods for between meals

Food and cooking equipment if you choose to cook for yourself

This trip is non-refundable.

What do I need to bring?

  • Clothes (expect dry, warm weather during the day with cool nights)
  • Sunscreen, toiletries and medications
  • Bathers and towel
  • Reef-walking shoes/sneakers for bushwalking
  • Personal camping equipment (tent, sleeping bag, mattress and pillow)
  • Head Torch and batteries
  • Eating utensils (cutlery, bowl, plate, cup and bottle)
  • Optional: cooking equipment and food (if you choose to cook for yourself); treats and luxury items like chocolate

How else can I support the Kimberley?

After the trip, we would love you to work with other supporters to fundraise for projects and campaign activities to help support the great work that is happening on the ground up in the Kimberley, as well as outreach activities in Perth and around the county.

Using your stories, photos and inspiration from the trip, we’d love to see you bring back the knowledge and connections to make waves for the Kimberley in your local community, so we can truly grow this movement to protect the Kimberley.

Love the idea of getting involved but can’t make the trip?

We’d love your support to create an event—wherever you live—to raise awareness and take action to promote and support our Kimberley campaign. Join your your local community group by speaking with one our fabulous community organisers today!