Kimberley floods: how you can help

Kimberley floods: how you can help

You can support Kimberley communities as they recover from the worst floods in WA’s history.

Our hearts go out to the Kimberley communities who are directly impacted by the record-breaking WA floods, brought on by Cyclone Ellie that passed over the region late last year.

GIF: Satellite view of Martuwarra in flood | NASA

With your support, we’ve been campaigning to protect the Kimberley’s incredible savannah forests, rivers, coastlines and oceans since the 1990s.

It’s shocking to see mighty Martuwarra / Fitzroy River swell to a record-breaking 15.8m high in Fitzroy Crossing, creating an inland sea across much of the floodplain and catchment—destroying over 100 homes, crumbling roads and bridges, and making it near-impossible for wildlife and livestock to escape the floodwaters.

Photo: Wallabies and Kangaroos seeking refuge on higher ground | Andrea Myers

Despite the destruction, we’re inspired by the incredible strength and resilience of the community who have come together and have begun to share resources, save precious artwork and aid in the recovery and clean up.

At this critical moment in time, find out how you can support these incredible local community groups on the front line of recovery efforts:

Events like these are a reminder that Australia’s large and precious river systems are in a constant state of flux and flow. We need to prepare ourselves for worsening impacts, as well as do what we can to protect large, intact functioning ecosystems like Martuwarra, as these are the best defences for people and nature in the face of climate change.
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