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Largest marine park in WA’s history welcomed

The Wilderness Society welcomed the announcement over the weekend for the final plans of the largest marine park in WA’s history—the North Kimberley Marine Park—which covers 1.8 million hectares of spectacular reefs, sponge gardens and global icons, such as King George Falls.

IMAGE: King George Falls, North Kimberley | Christian Fletcher

'The North Kimberley is an area of spectacular natural beauty, with landscapes and wildlife like nowhere else on earth, as well as being home to the most ancient living cultures in existence,' said Wilderness Society WA Director Jenita Enevoldsen.
'We welcome this significant conservation outcome of the North Kimberley Marine Park, which extends from York Sound in the south, right up to the Northern Territory border, including Joint management by Traditional Owners.
'Some sanctuary zones, such as the Long Reef and East Holothuria Reef Sanctuary zone, are larger than entire marine parks in the south. They will protect the feeding grounds of flatback turtles, lesser frigate birds and ‘exceptionally rare’ corals. 
'In line with the recent auditor general’s report and recommendations on marine parks in WA, we’d like to see substantial financial commitments from all parties in the lead up to the WA election, towards finalising plans for the Great Kimberley Marine Park with monitoring and joint management in collaboration with Traditional Owners.
'It’s clear that the finalising of the Great Kimberley Marine Park is going to significantly add to the legacy of marine protection in our great state of WA, for future generations.'

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For further comment, please contact Jenita Enevoldsen, State Director, The Wilderness Society WA, on 0405 941 500 or (08) 9420 7255.
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