News - 05 March 2018

45 years to replant a forest

Their backyard is a haven for local koalas, kangaroos and other wildlife. But horrifyingly, the threat of deforestation is back in 2018, due to recent changes to the state law. 

 Now, the couple are fearful for what the future might hold. 

“When we pass on, if this block goes into the hands of someone who wants to have a clear block, then a lot of what we’ve done could be devastated,” says Stan. 

Magda agrees. “If this property fell into the wrong hands and a lot of the greenery was cut down, it would be awful.” 

We can’t let this happen. Your gift will help us advocate for strong laws to stop deforestation and protect wildlife habitat. 

The threat of deforestation is never far from Magda and Stan’s thoughts.

“I feel terrible, and I’m sure the koala in the tree behind me would feel terrible, about the deforestation which is taking place in our state. We’re talking here about future generations of the natural world—but also of us. It’s our grandchildren who are the stakeholders,” says Stan. “Yet we have a government that’s not giving priority to the natural environment. I think it’s deplorable... We should be protecting our forests as much as we possibly can.” 

By donating today, you’ll be part of the push for better laws to protect Australia’s forests and bushland.

Our approach is already working. Supporters like you helped make deforestation a key environmental issue in the lead-up to the Queensland election.  All up, we contacted more than 13,000 households during the campaign.  As a result, Queensland Labor adopted all our recommendations—promising to bring in strong laws to end deforestation in 100 days—and pledged a $500 million land restoration fund! 

Your gift can take this successful model and replicate it—right around the country.

You can stop Australia becoming a deforestation nation Millions of animals are killed every year by deforestation. Please donate now so we can stop deforestation in its tracks.