Media Releases - 02 October 2019

A new coal mine in Tasmania would betray the best our island community has to offer

The Wilderness Society is stunned that a new coal mine is even being considered in Tasmania but it seems that it is. 

“These days, it’s sometimes hard to tell reality from satire but yes, the prospect of a new coal mine in the heart of Tasmania isn’t just a bad joke, it’s apparently also a bad reality,” said Tom Allen for the Wilderness Society.

“As an island community, with such strong competitive advantages grounded in unspoiled wilderness, intact forests and landscapes and our still largely clean and green environment and produce, choosing coal would be a total betrayal of the best Tasmania has to offer.”

“Fossil fuels need to remain in the ground. Tasmania should be decarbonising, junking our remaining fossil fuel dependence and going 100% carbon neutral. The fact that we are going in the opposite direction - backwards - in 2019, and actively facilitating a coal mine is ecocidal, immoral and just plain wrong.”

“Following Tasmania's largest ever protest, which was about the need for climate change action, Midland Energy, which is apparently looking at coal mine sites in Woodbury and Jericho, should understand that it will experience broad and deep community opposition.”

“As an island community, we know our future lies in agriculture, tourism, culture and nature protection, not coal mines and we will fiercely protect our clean, green competitive advantage.

“A typical coal mine trashes agricultural land, uses vast amounts of water, creates local air pollution and when that coal is burned, not only does it emit carbon dioxide, and other potent greenhouse gasses like methane, it also emits a slew of toxins including mercury, uranium, thorium, arsenic, and other heavy metals. 

“If Will Hodgman wants to blacken the heart of Tasmania with a coal mine, it will be a monumental betrayal of the best of this state.

“There should be no new coal mines in Tasmania and we are confident that the community will help keep it that way,” said Mr Allen. 

For further comment: Tom Allen, 0434 614 323