News - 21 May 2018

Change the laws... change the future

We now have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to end the ‘war on trees’ for good.

There is a war going on in Australia. It’s been raging for more than 50 years. And we urgently need to end it – for the sake of our beautiful country.

The ‘war on trees’ has threatened our majestic forests since the 1970s. It’s still being fought now.And the stakes have never been higher.

Pristine forest landscapes are being destroyed. And our amazing natural heritage is being ruined.

Species are being pushed to extinction because of logging

Meanwhile, native animals like the Leadbeater’s possum and the giant freshwater lobster are being pushed to the edge of extinction by logging.

But we can stop this. Your gift will help us push for new laws that will protect our precious forests – and the animals that live there – from destruction.

After decades the Regional Forestry Agreements – or RFAs – are up for renewal this year

This year, the notoriously inadequate Regional Forestry Agreements – or RFAs – are up for review and renewal.

Established in the 1990s as a response to mounting public outcry over the destruction of our forests, these laws were supposed to protect the most important forests while preserving some for industry.

But the RFAs were a huge disappointment. Governments caved in to pressure from industry lobbyists, leaving irreplaceable forests vulnerable to more destruction.

Today, the ongoing ‘war on trees’ is showing no sign of slowing down. Our beautiful and majestic forests are still under attack.

You can play an important part in securing the future of Australia's forests 

By donating today, you can help secure new laws that will finally give our forests the protection they need.

Together, we’ve already made so much progress. Millions of hectares are now protected simply because people like you right across Australia love their forests.

Now, with your gift, we can go even further than we ever dreamed possible.

You can help change the laws – and change the future.

Now is the time to protect our irreplaceable forests for future generations. Please donate now.