News - 21 July 2015

Felicity Wishart, Australian conservationist who campaigned for reef and rainforests, dies aged 49

Felicity Wishart, the high-profile Australian conservationist who played a leading role in campaigns to protect the Great Barrier Reef and Australian rainforests and to stop land clearing in Queensland, has died aged 49.

The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) said Ms Wishart had died in her sleep on Sunday night.

The AMCS said Australia has lost a "true hero" for the environment.

"Flic was one of Australia's leading conservationists and was a great and inspiring champion for the planet, the cause she dedicated her life to," the AMCS said in a statement.

"For 30 years Flic played a fundamental role in many of the key environmental campaigns in Australia.

"Flic was a leader of seminal campaigns to protect the rainforests, to stop land clearing in Queensland, to confront the threat of climate change and national campaigns to protect the marine environment through the creation of a national network of marine protected areas and in her last, greatest and yet unfinished campaign, to protect the Great Barrier Reef."

The AMCS said Ms Wishart had mentored many newer campaigners, especially up and coming women in the environment movement.