Media Releases - 11 July 2018

Lake Malbena public submissions reopen

Note: SUBMISSIONS NOW CLOSED, new submission open until 19 October.

After an inadequate initial submission for a commercial tourism development inside Walls of Jerusalem National Park on Halls Island on Lake Malbena, public submissions have been reopened. This is because the Federal Environment Department, which is assessing the application, requested more information from the applicant.

The applicant has now provided some additional information, which can be found here. (Scroll down to the entry for Wild Drake.)

In what smacks of another cynical attempt to limit public engagement and transparency, the additional information has been made available for ten days of public comment, across the school holidays and on the day the Tasmanian Parliament rises.

After being called-out for withholding important assessment information when first published, additional information was yesterday published on the Department of Environment website and the public now has a ten-day window to make a submission.

“After two secret state-based approvals that offered no chance for public consultation, the one process where the community can have a say will now play out over a school holiday period that will inevitably limit the level of engagement,” said Vica Bayley, spokesperson for the Wilderness Society.

“After withholding critical information, this looks like a deeply cynical consultation exercise.”

“It’s very clear that bushwalkers, fly-fishers, conservationists and many others are concerned about the commercialisation of this wild part of Tasmania and the impact on important conservation values, including wilderness and recreation values.

“Building huts and flying high-end guests in by helicopter will have an impact on a place that people from across the community spectrum cherish.

“Just last week, the World Heritage Committee adopted a decision based on an expert report that was critical of the underhanded way Lake Malbena was rezoned to allow this development to proceed.

“Transparency and accountability have never been high since the secret Expression of Interest process was developed, but inviting public comment in the one process open to the public, across a school holiday period is particularly underwhelming.

Read more about this issue here.

Note: SUBMISSIONS NOW CLOSED, new submission open until 19 October.