News - 03 March 2023

OBE Organic joins thousands calling for stronger protections of Channel Country from oil and gas

Aerial view of Channel Country. Image: Geoff Spanner.

The Wilderness Society welcomes OBE Beef’s strong public support for greater protections for the Channel Country rivers and floodplains in the Lake Eyre Basin.

Earlier this week, OBE Beef, Queensland’s largest organic beef producer released a public position which recognises ‘the Lake Eyre Basin’s rivers and floodplains are of significant environmental, social, cultural, and economic value’ and that ‘integrity of the natural seasonal water flows must be protected’.

The Wilderness Society’s Queensland Campaign Manager, Hannah Schuch, said support for protecting the rivers and floodplains of the Channel Country spans across the state.

“Queenslanders from the country to the coast are calling on the Palaszczuk government to finally enact their 2015 commitment to protect the Channel Country rivers and floodplains.

“We welcome OBE Organic using their standing to call for greater protections against dirty oil and gas in this world renowned desert river system.

“Just recently around 700 Wilderness Society supporters emailed the Queensland Premier and Deputy Premier directly to call on their government to release the promised Regulatory Impact Statement that would pave the way for protections and prohibitions against oil and gas on the free-flowing rivers and sensitive floodplains.”

OBE Organic is a farmer-owned company exporting organic Queensland beef domestically and internationally. The company sources beef grown on more than eight million hectares of the Lake Eyre Basin, known as the Channel Country, for its unique wide channel-like floodplains.

For more information contact Hannah Schuch, 0434 796 566