Jobs - 28 September 2022

Position: Social Media Producer

The Wilderness Society is looking for a Social Media Producer who will work to deliver audience engagement strategies and create and publish engaging content on core Wilderness Society social media channels—including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram—to drive strategic communications goals.

About us:

The Wilderness Society is a grassroots environmental not for profit organisation, building a people-powered movement to protect and restore Australia's pristine natural places. We are proudly independent, meaning we are powered by everyday Australians, allowing us to always speak for nature first. We are dedicated to the protection and restoration of nature and wildlife within Australia.

The position:

You will be responsible for designing, producing, project managing and measuring the effectiveness of organic and paid content across Wilderness Society campaign and fundraising priorities. Collaboration with people across the organisation will be key in producing creative content for our different audience engagement channels.

The role will also proactively identify opportunities to elevate Wilderness Society campaigns and brand by leveraging social conversations, trending topics in the news cycle, external events, and other moments to deepen and grow engagement with key target audiences.

The role will manage paid social campaigns, donation and lead generation activities, and managing the allocated budget across campaigns to deliver targets for key audience demographics and locations.

To apply please review the Position Description, answer the target questions below and submit with your resume to by 20 January by 5pm.

1. What is the project you worked on that most engaged your target audience. How did you know it was successful?
2. What is your level of graphic design and video production experience? Please provide three examples of social media posts that include your best graphics design or video production work.
3. How does social media content vary across the different channels? Describe your potential strategy for sourcing and creating content to feed each of the Wilderness Society's social media channels both paid and organic.