Media Releases - 17 October 2019

Swifties, 1; Farmed salmon, 0!

The Wilderness Society has welcomed the decision by Glamorgan Spring Bay Council not to proceed with the ill-advised Twamley Dam and pipeline. 

“If it had proceeded, the dam would have had a doubly adverse impact of flooding about 20 hectares of newly listed threatened eucalyptus ovata woodland, which would also have destroyed swift parrot habitat,” said Tom Allen for the Wilderness Society. 

“A pipeline taking precious water from the dam to irrigate a golf course and across Spring Bay to rinse Tassal’s diseased fish never stacked up, economically, environmentally or socially.

“The Wilderness Society has written to Mayor Debbie Wisby of Glamorgan Spring Bay Council to request that the Council now formally withdraw the proposal from consideration by the federal Department of the Environment,” said Mr Allen. 

For further comment contact Tom Allen on 0434 614 323